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Commercial, Industrial & Retail


The following projects included complete new construction design services, as well as construction phase services.

Grand Slam Plaza, Sarasota, FL

Goodyear Service Center (2), Sarasota, FL

Sarasota Ford Sales Office, Sarasota, FL

Rossiter Harley Davidson, Sarasota, FL

Bay Front Plaza, Venice, FL

Clark Sawyer Commercial Center, Sarasota, FL

Twin Lakes Commerce Center, Sarasota, FL

Lakewood Ranch Commercial Center, Sarasota, FL

Cattleridge Commercial Complex, Buildings A & B, Sarasota, FL

Schoreder Manatee Ranch Info Center, Sarasota, FL

Southbay Fashion Center, Sarasota, FL

Marsh Creek Commercial Center, Sarasota, FL

Vista Commerce Center, Sarasota, FL

World Savings Bank, Sarasota, FL

West Coast Credit Union, Sarasota, FL

Ace Hardware (2), Sarasota, FL

Lexus Retail Showroom Facilities, Sarasota, FL

Jaguar Retail Showroom Facilities, Sarasota, FL

Land Rover Retail Showroom, Sarasota, FL

BMW Retail Showroom, Sarasota, FL

Sarasota Square Mall Addition, Sarasota, FL

Southgate Mall Renovations (various), Sarasota, FL

Splash Retail Building Renovation, Sarasota, FL




Clorox Company, Inc., Tampa, FL

Ocean Spray Freezer Storage, Stuart, FL

Venice Waste Water Reclamation Storage Tank, Venice, FL

Sims Intertech, Ft. Myers, FL

Gulf Refrigeration, Sarasota, FL

AT&T Paradyne, Clearwater, FL

Gladstone Farms Process Plant, Nassau, Bahamas

Seimens Generator Bases, Palmetto, FL

Blackburn Point Water Storage Tank, Nokomis, FL

SKUA Water Storage Tank, Sarasota, FL

Northwest Potable Ground Water Storage Tank, Bradenton, FL

Lee County Water Treatment Plant, Ft. Myers, FL

East Venice Pre-Treatment Water Facility, Venice, FL

Compost Plant, Sarasota, FL

Aladdin Equipment Plant Addition, Sarasota, FL

Southport Water Storage, Pensacola, FL

Manatee Self Storage, Bradenton, FL

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product development structural engineers
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