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Peer Reviews

Peer review is a process that assesses the quality, correctness and suitability of a submitted design. The Peer review can focus on the whole project or any specific area, such as the design criteria, performance objectives, structural design concept, lateral-force-resisting system, code provisions or any major design issues or design details.

The Stirling Wilbur Structural Engineering Peer review approach may consist of the following:


Advise and assist the client's engineering staff in the development of a conceptual retrofit design and related parameters (material tests, properties, design criteria) to satisfy their performance requirements and criteria.   


Advise and assist clients engineering staff during the development of analyses, detailed design and construction documents, as required.


Participate in walk downs of a facility to review the physical condition of building and workability of conceptual and detailed designs.

For further details please contact us:

Tel:         941-929-1552


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